S'mores Box

S'mores Box


Roast your own marshmallows at home and make S'mores.


The kit includes S'mores for 2 people. Save £4.00 when you buy 2 kits!!


An 'open flame' Burner Gel

4 x Giant Marshmallows (Please note these are not Vegetarian)

8 x Chocolate Coated Biscuits


Wooden Skewers


Please note this kit requires roasting on an open flame (supplied in the form of a Chafing Gel Tin) - please read the Burner Gel's saftey information displayed on the tin. Please only light these with matches and not with a lighter/another form of ignition with fuel. And use a small non-flammable object (e.g. a saucer) to extinguish the flame – never attempt to blow out the flame as this will cause flaming liquid to splash.